65 Car Maintenance Tips To Help Keep Your Vehicle In Perfect Condition

Even if you haven’t read your car’s handbook, we’re certain you know how to drive it. And yeah, you already know how to use your wipers, air conditioner, radio, and signal lights. But do you know how to replace a tire? Not only that but do you know how to keep your automobile in good condition? If not, be grateful that you’re reading this! These easy tricks are not included in your car’s owner’s handbook. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Maintaining an automobile isn’t as difficult as you may believe, and doing it regularly will help your car live longer. Have you done anything on this list before?Amazing Car Hacks Everyone Needs To Start Doing Now

1. Hot Water & A Plunge For Dents

Tired of dents on your car? This may be the answer to your problems. Dents are very common, and everyone gets them at some point in their lives. However, that is a pretty easy fix. The following is what you must do: Bring water to a boil before pouring it over the dent. Then, take hold of a plunger and pull it. Keep in mind that this will not work if your car is badly damaged. However, for little ones, this will draw attention away from the dents! It’s not as perfect as it previously was, but it’s much less noticeable.Fixing A Dent With Hot Water & A Plunge

2. Toothpaste On Dirty Headlights

Do your headlights seem hazy? Visiting the auto shop may be difficult, especially if you’re in a rush. Perhaps you have something useful in your bathroom. It’s only toothpaste, after all. Because it includes moderate abrasives, it polishes the enamel. Your headlamp will be clean again if you don’t mind using toothpaste and elbow grease. However, if it is yellowing, it is time to replace it.Dirty Headlights And Toothpaste

3. Opening Your Keyring With A Staple Remover

You don’t have to break your fingers attempting to get a new set of keys to fit on your huge metal keychain. To insert the end pieces, use a staple remover to separate them. We’re sure you’re wondering why you didn’t think of it sooner.Opening Your Keyring With A Staple Remover

Opening Your Keyring With A Staple Remover

4. Put A Shower Caddy In The Trunk

Are you making preparations in advance? We’re assuming you have emergency vehicle supplies in your trunks, such as oil, a funnel, a towel, a flashlight, and other things. Purchase a shower caddy to securely keep all of your essential things so they don’t fall all over your trunk when you need them — and so nothing else in the trunk gets dirty.Put A Shower Caddy In The Trunk

Put A Shower Caddy In The Trunk

5. Use Pool Noodles To Prevent Car Dings

You’ve most likely hit your garage door more times than you’d like to confess! A simple solution is to cut a pool noodle in half and tie it to the wall where the door swings open (the scuff marks should make it easy enough to tell). You may use bolts or simple command strips to secure it, but either way, your car, and the wall will be safe!Use Pool Noodles To Prevent Car Dings

Use Pool Noodles To Prevent Car Dings

6. Need A Trash Bin? Use Cereal Bins

We seldom think twice about tossing out little pieces of trash. If you’re not careful, the stench may linger inside your car for a long time. Purchase a trash container and you will be able to avoid such problems. You won’t need to buy anything new; just gather your cereal plastic containers. Use a trash bag to condense the waste and immediately eliminate the odor.Need A Trash Bin? Use Cereal Bins

Need A Trash Bin? Use Cereal Bins

7. Reduce Glare With A Tinted Plastic Sheet

The sun is setting, and you’ve forgotten your sunglasses. The rays of the setting sun are angled in such a way that they strike you square in the face. What are your thoughts? The visor isn’t going to work, but something else could! Attach a tinted plastic sheet to the window of your vehicle. Static electricity will perform the job in place of glue. Of course, you will need to replace it after a while, but the sun will no longer disturb you!Reduce Glare With A Tinted Plastic Sheet

Reduce Glare With A Tinted Plastic Sheet

8. Lessen Frost By Parking Your Car Facing East

Parking your vehicle towards the sun in the morning is a good idea. This may seem to be magic, but it’s very simple. Your front windshield will be partly defrosted as a result of the sun’s beams. So, when you get home from work, you can spend less time waiting for your vehicle to warm up!Lessen Frost By Parking Your Car Facing East

Lessen Frost By Parking Your Car Facing East

9. Extend Your Key’s Range By Holding Them To Your Head

As absurd as it may seem, certain keys have a restricted range and can only receive a signal from a few meters away. Your body fluids will somehow increase the range of your signal if you place your keys beneath your chin. Isn’t that crazy? You don’t think we’re telling you the truth? Experiment with it!Extend Your Key’s Range By Holding Them To Your Head

Extend Your Key’s Range By Holding Them To Your Head

10. Long Ride With A Messy Kid? MagnaDoodle Got You Covered

There will be two issues if you embark on a lengthy car ride with your child. (Of course, this is in addition to the previous list of potential issues.) They’ll start a little sloppy. Second, they’ll get tired of it. Having a MagnaDoodle toy collection helps! It’s not just one of the most disgusting toys for kids, but it’s also entertaining since you can always repaint without running out of ink or crayons. After that, you can use it as a tray for your kids to eat without having to worry about crumbs and spills all over the place.Long Ride With A Messy Kid? MagnaDoodle Got You Covered

Long Ride With A Messy Kid? MagnaDoodle Got You Covered

11. Clean Your Wheels With Cola

“Put some cola on it to clean it,” everyone says. We’ve all heard that before, but it’s true! Cola and dish detergent together can quickly remove dirt and dust from your tires and brakes. It will clean your rims thoroughly. Don’t worry about your vehicle becoming sticky since the detergent will prevent this!Clean Your Wheels With Cola

Clean Your Wheels With Cola

12. You Can Use Pantyhose As A Fan Belt

First and foremost, if you are in a position to call a tow truck, do so. One of the most inconvenient things that may happen is a fan belt breaking. However, attempting to save money by avoiding tow trucks if you can contact them would just make matters worse. However, if you are stuck in a distant location with no one to contact, this is what you can do. Use your pantyhose as a fan belt to get to a petrol station or another location with cell service!You Can Use Pantyhose As A Fan Belt

You Can Use Pantyhose As A Fan Belt

13. Use Nail Polish On Small Scratches

If just a tiny part of your vehicle was damaged, it is not worth it to get a new car paint properly done. But who wants to go around in a vehicle that has been tampered with? You should do it! This aesthetic issue can be solved with nail polish. You probably had no clue this was possible, yet a small dab of nail polish may conceal scratches on your vehicle. Unless they look very carefully, no one will notice. Of course, it should be the same hue!Use Nail Polish On Small Scratches

Use Nail Polish On Small Scratches

14. De-Ice Your Keyholes With Hand Sanitizers

If you live in a chilly city, you know how difficult it is to unfreeze your vehicle door locks. Have you ever heard of this method? Mornings will be so much simpler with hand sanitizers. Worrying about alcohol causing damage to your lock should be the least of your concerns. The solution contains alcohol, which is required for the ice to melt immediately. It will melt the ice on your vehicle door in the same manner that it dissolves ice in your hands.De Ice Your Keyholes With Hand Sanitizers

De-Ice Your Keyholes With Hand Sanitizers

15. Keep Your Seats Buckled During Hot Weather

Trying to buckle your seatbelt in the heat is a dangerous game. Any metal component of your car that has been exposed to sunlight and heat may irritate your hands, but you can avoid this by fastening your seatbelt when you leave and leaving it buckled until the next time you enter. If the sun can’t reach it, it won’t become hot enough to burn!Keep Your Seats Buckled During Hot Weather

Keep Your Seats Buckled During Hot Weather

16. Use Over-The-Door Shoe Racks As Backseat Organizers

This is particularly useful if you have children: A simple over-the-door shoe rack can store all backseat essentials like sippy cups, toys, chargers, and food. All of the pockets are easily accessible and considerably bigger than the basic bags that come with certain minivan seats.Use Over The Door Shoe Racks As Backseat Organizers

Use Over-The-Door Shoe Racks As Backseat Organizers

17. Window Chips? Clear Nail Polish Could Help

It’s annoying when you need to check your GPS but don’t have a co-pilot to hold it up for you or one of your window or air vent holders to hold your phone (and potentially dangerous). A rubber band may be used to create a similar effect in a very simple way. If you wind it through a few vents in your center console and around the top and bottom of your phone, the strain will keep it in place.Window Chips? Clear Nail Polish Could Help

Window Chips? Clear Nail Polish Could Help

18. You Can Use Rubber Bands As Phone Holders

When you need to check your GPS but don’t have a co-pilot to hold it up for you and don’t have one of those windows or air vent holders to hold your phone, it’s inconvenient (and potentially dangerous). A similar effect may be achieved using a rubber band in a very easy manner. The tension will hold it in place if you loop it through a few vents on your center console and around the top and bottom of your phone.You Can Use Rubber Bands As Phone Holders

You Can Use Rubber Bands As Phone Holders

19. Put Plastic Bottles On Your Tires

You may have noticed on some cold winter nights that cats often congregate around cars. This is primarily because they try to find warmth near cooling engines. Unfortunately, there are times when we don’t see these cats and there have even been instances where they have gotten stuck in the engine! Simply place a bottle on top of the tire and the cat cannot enter the engine this way. Protect your engine while keeping these cats safe with this simple hack.Keep An Eye Out For Plastic Bottles On Your Tires

Put Plastic Bottles On Your Tires

20. Easy Way To Cool Down A Hot Car

During summer, did you have to wait outside of your car to cool it down before breathing inside? Do you want to know a tip on how to speed it up? Roll down the window on the passenger side then shut the driver’s side door immediately. The fanning motion you create will allow fresh air to come in and the warm, stagnant air inside your car will be out.Easy Way To Cool Down A Hot Car

Easy Way To Cool Down A Hot Car

21. Dryer Sheets As Air Freshener

It’s cost-efficient to buy air fresheners that only last for days. Clip-on or over-the-mirror air fresheners do not last long. Do you know what you can use? A package of dryer sheets! It’s far less noticeable and it absorbs smells. You can even get a scented or unscented one, whichever you prefer. This will keep the inside of your car smelling fresh!Dryer Sheets As Air Freshener

Dryer Sheets As Air Freshener

22. The Nanotech Car Scratch Remover Cloth

This is not a hack. Still, it is an amazing way to maintain your car’s aesthetics. Multi-purpose Scratch Remover Clothes are nanotechnology that can remove stains from your car and even scratches. It can restore your car’s color and protect the surface of the paint. The company said that each cloth can be used 10 to 15 times. And if you aren’t happy with the result, you have a one-year warranty. Go test them out!The Nanotech Car Scratch Remover Cloth

The Nanotech Car Scratch Remover Cloth

23. Use Scented Wax Cubes As Air Fresheners

There’s another homemade air freshener you can use aside from your dryer sheet. This one will be the best solution for your nose’s pleasure. Get a few scented wax cubes and put them in a lead-capped mason jar.  The wax will melt and fill the car with an amazing scent. Did you know there is a cookie dough scented wax? Yes!Use Scented Wax Cubes As Air Fresheners

Use Scented Wax Cubes As Air Fresheners

24. Check Your Tire’s State With A Penny

This hack may save your life someday. When do you have to replace your tires? Insert an upside-down penny into the treads of your tire. If President Lincoln’s head slips halfway, you’re good to go and you don’t have to worry about it. But if the tread doesn’t cover the president’s head, you’ll need to get new ones as soon as possible.Check Your Tire’s State With A Penny

Check Your Tire’s State With A Penny

25. Keep Your Cup Holder Clean By Doing This

Are you tired of unorganized change on your cupholders? Put some silicone cupcake wrappers and you’ll be amazed. They’re simple and it’s easy to remove and clean. Your cupholder will be spotless! It will shock you how big of a difference this will make.Keep Your Cup Holder Clean By Doing This

Keep Your Cup Holder Clean By Doing This

26. Save Space Using Carabiner Hooks

If you need to create some space in the back, get some carabiner hooks and attach them to your headrests. They can hold bags, groceries, umbrellas, and other things. This will enable you to make a lot more room than you believe.Save Space Using Carabiner Hooks

Save Space Using Carabiner Hooks

27. Use Muffin Pans As A Cupholder

If you’re picking up a big fast-food order, bring a muffin pan and a basket. What’s the point of this? Because it results in a bigger, more robust soft drink holder. Keep this technique in mind for the next time you need to place a big purchase.Use Muffin Pans As A Cupholder

Use Muffin Pans As A Cupholder

When you go grocery shopping, have an empty laundry basket in the trunk of your vehicle. When you arrive home, you may fill the basket with bags, minimizing the number of journeys back and forth to the car and simplifying your shopping excursions!Make Grocery Shopping Easier With Laundry Baskets

Make Grocery Shopping Easier With Laundry Baskets

29. Keep Some Kitty Litter In Your Trunk

Even if you don’t have a cat, you should have kitty litter in your trunk. To get out of a deep snowbank or a slick stretch of road, you’ll need more traction, which kitty litter may offer. Pour some around your tires and try to get back on the road. It is advised that you get the non-clumping variety.Keep Some Kitty Litter In Your Trunk

Keep Some Kitty Litter In Your Trunk

30. Another Kitty Litter Hack

Another creative use for kitty litter is to stuff it inside a sock and keep it on your dashboard. This may seem odd at first, but it will keep your windshield from fogging up. And, yeah, this is a genuine suggestion.Another Kitty Litter Hack

Another Kitty Litter Hack

31.Need To Keep Things In Place? Use Command Hooks

If you need a place to keep your wallet, pocketbook, or mask from flying all over the place, hang a command hook at floor level. As a result, everything you need is easily accessible, neat, and tidy. Maintain this technique at all times, and you’ll never run out of space in your vehicle.Need To Keep Things In Place Use Command Hooks

Need To Keep Things In Place Use Command Hooks

32.Gauge Your Garage Parking With A Tennis Ball

Having difficulty finding a parking space in your garage? It’s a good thing we’re here to help. Others may find it difficult to determine how far ahead you’ve pushed inside yourself. Hang a tennis ball from the garage ceiling using a rope. After you’ve driven in far enough, it should rest on your windshield. You’ll never have to guess again. Precision at its best!Screenshot 1

Gauge Your Garage Parking With A Tennis Ball

33. Download a Parking App to Find Your Car

Are you the kind of person that constantly forgets where they parked their car? Don’t be concerned; you’re not alone! Finally, those days are over; there are now a plethora of useful apps that may assist you in swiftly locating your vehicle. You don’t have to waste time walking up and down the mall parking lot looking for your car. There are many applications to choose from; in any case, they will all assist you in keeping track of where you parked.Screenshot 2

Download a Parking App to Find Your Car

34. Warm Up Your Windshield Wipers

Another idea to help you get ready for the winter. You’ll never have to spend time in the morning thawing out your windshield wipers again. In the evening, all you need is an old pair of socks to cover each wiper. As a result, by the time morning arrives and you’re ready to go, your windshield wipers will not be clogged with ice or frozen to your windshield.Screenshot 3

Warm Up Your Windshield Wipers

35. Handy Towel Holder

If you ask us, we believe this is one of the most creative methods accessible today, particularly for parents with young children. All you have to do is use a bungee cord to secure a roll of paper towels to your vehicle. This allows you to easily grab the towels without having to search the whole vehicle for the roll. Isn’t it true that we always have at least one passenger in our vehicle who spills something or has a runny nose?Screenshot 4

Handy Towel Holder

36. Vinegar To Defrost Your Windows

This hack may be useful to those who live in regions where it gets chilly in the winter. It’s not amusing to have to defrost your car first thing in the morning. What’s the worst that might happen if you give it a shot? Trust us when we claim it works! Instead of splattering water over your windshield, spatter it with vinegar. Then, in a spray bottle, combine all of the components and spray it on your windows. The vinegar helps to burn through the ice much faster, and you can use a spray bottle to spread the liquid evenly to eliminate any frozen spots that are blocking your vision.Screenshot 5

Vinegar To Defrost Your Windows

37. Get More Gas From The Pump

Although it may seem to be a simple job, there is a better method to pump gas than just using full power. When you press the gas pump, bubbles form in your tank, fooling the nozzle into thinking you’ve filled it. There is still space for additional gas; you just need to go at a slower speed. If you push the pump halfway, you will have to wait a little longer for the gas to flow out, but more will enter your tank.Screenshot 6

Get More Gas From The Pump

38. Blow Away Bumper Stickers

The vast majority of you reading this have at least one kind of bumper sticker. It turns out that removing them is a lot simpler than you may imagine. All you need for this method is a good hairdryer that works. Heat the sides of the sticker with a hairdryer for a few minutes, and the glue should start to soften, making the sticker simpler to remove. It’s time to retire those bumper stickers from 2006.Screenshot 7

Blow Away Bumper Stickers

39. Slime Is Your Savior

Who would have guessed that a child’s toy could be used to create one of the best vehicle hacks? The truth is that slime and vehicle interiors are a perfect combination. If you can’t find slime in your kids’ playroom, you can simply get it in the grocery store. Use the slime to clean the hard-to-reach areas of your vehicle, such as the air vents and the sides of your seat. Any dirt or dust that you haven’t been able to remove is easily absorbed by the slime.Screenshot 8

Slime Is Your Savior

40. If Your Tires Blows, DON’T Brake

The advice that follows is more of a recommendation than a hack. If you’re driving at least 65km/h on an open road, don’t burst your tire. Although it may seem natural, do your best to resist the urge. Why you may ask? If you use the brakes, your car may fishtail and you may lose control, possibly leading to an accident into anything. Instead, keep your foot firmly planted on the gas pedal. Doesn’t it sound odd? We understand, however, this will assist you in regaining control of your vehicle and staying on the correct side of the road. It should just take a few moments.Screenshot 9

If Your Tires Blows, DON’T Brake

41. Don’t Weigh Down Your Key

This one is more of a cautionary note than a hack. If you have too many keys or beautiful keychains, the ignition switch may be damaged. That is, your vehicle will not start as readily as it should over time. Experts recommend that you maintain no more than three keys or keychains in your collection. However, if you feel a tightness or your key locking while in the ignition, take it to the dealer as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may find yourself spending a lot of money before you realize it.Screenshot 10

Don’t Weigh Down Your Key

42. Prevent Car Sickness

To help avoid car sickness, keep some fresh bay leaves in your vehicle. Bay leaf is an excellent method to prevent car sickness, particularly on long journeys. Simply put the leaf under your tongue and you’ll feel better almost immediately. This applies to both children and adults. It may also save you from having to stop or go to the pharmacy, and it is completely natural.Screenshot 13

Prevent Car Sickness

43. Lowering Your Insurance Costs

We’re constantly searching for methods to save our monthly costs, particularly when it comes to our cars. You may do so right now! All you have to do is practice defensive driving. It is very helpful and aids in the improvement of your driving skills. Defensive driving may significantly reduce car insurance costs in several nations across the globe. If you’re still unsure if learning defensive driving is worth your time and money, consider the car insurance discounts.Screenshot 12

Lowering Your Insurance Costs

44. What Side Is The Tank On?

When individuals stop to fill up their gas tanks, they often “forget” which side of the tank they are on. They don’t understand that the answer has always been there in front of them. Take a peek at your dashboard’s gas gauge…can you see it now? There will be an arrow next to an image of a fuel pump. The side of the vehicle with the filling cap is indicated by the arrow. Isn’t it amazing?Screenshot 14

What Side Is The Tank On?

45. Diagnose Your Car troubles

The days of hoping you could diagnose a vehicle problem without seeing a technician are long gone. All that is left is to get an auto-code reader. When you connect it to your car’s computer system through the OBD connection, it will instantly assist you in reading the issue codes from your engine. You’ll be able to determine what’s causing the check engine light to activate, identify a faulty oxygen sensor, read better data, and even get your vehicle’s VIN in no time.
Screenshot 15

Diagnose Your Car troubles

46. Always Keep An Emergency Kit

Without a doubt, every driver should carry an emergency pack in their car. Jumper cables, a flashlight, additional batteries, a first-aid kit, and, on rare occasions, a compass should all be carried. A simple tool kit should be one of the most important components of this backpack. Warm clothes, a shovel, and an extra mobile charger are also recommended. You never know when one of these may be useful!Screenshot 16

Always Keep An Emergency Kit

47. Clean Your AC Vents

The air conditioning in your vehicle is a lifeline on both a cold day and a scorching hot summer day. Most individuals, on the other hand, overlook the need of cleaning their vehicle’s air vents. One of the best methods to clean them is using a foam brush, which you can generally buy at your local hardware store (from the inside). Then, clean each panel well. Not only does this keep your air conditioning fresh and clean, but it also makes everyone in the vehicle considerably healthier.Clean Your AC Vents

Clean Your AC Vents

48. Vaseline Tip

Vaseline has long been recognized as one of the most effective life-saving chemicals. Not only for colds and flu but for almost everything. Have you considered utilizing it for your car’s interior? If the inside of your car contains vinyl or leather, add Vaseline to a cloth or cotton wool and massage it over the leather to prevent it from cracking. You may also use vaseline to keep the rubber door seals from freezing in the winter.Vaseline Tip

Vaseline Tip

49. Avoid Crumbs

Parents who have little children are fully aware of how filthy a car may get. It’s as though your vehicle has degenerated into a garbage can. Worse, children will toss everything they can get their hands on between the vehicle seats, making cleaning a daily nightmare. To prevent this catastrophe, just place a sheet behind the booster seat so that anything that falls through is caught by the sheet! Your vehicle is now safe against future disasters such as melting sweets, juice spills, and even dog drool.Sheet No More

Avoid Crumbs

50. Use A Newspaper To Clean Windows

We’ve previously discussed one method for cleaning windows, but it’s always a good idea to have many alternatives. This method has been tried and tested, and nothing cleans windows better than an old newspaper, believe it or not. Simply spray window cleaner on your windows before cleaning them with newspaper. This will provide sparkling clean results right away. Make assured, however, that the windows are not tinted!Use Newspaper To Clean Windows

Use A Newspaper To Clean Windows

51. Hot Wheels

Do you want those wheel to shine like they are brand new? Well don’t we just have the ideal hack for you! All you need to do is procure a bottle of Dawn detergent, proceed to mix it with an equal amount of water, and voila. Simply use this solution on a sponge with some baking soda and get to work scrubbing the rough side over the wheels. Afterwards, spray some water again over the wheel and you will see an instant, marked improvement. If you do this, don’t forget to wear gloves.Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels

52. Inside Out

Have you ever considered why your air conditioning unit just doesn’t work as well as it used to? Actually, there is a strong chance that the air isn’t properly circulating in your car. To inspect this, you need to look under the hood of the car and remove the air filters. It is likely that it needs a good clean with a vacuum, in order to fully remove the muck and junk that often finds its way inside. An alternative option would be to spray the filter with a cleaning solution, like Clean Green, allowing it to soak in, then to rinse off with water. Before you place them back inside the car, ensure that they are completely air-dried first.Inside Out

Inside Out

53. Q-Tip to The Rescue

Another item which has many different uses is the classic Q-Tip. They are perfect for cleaning small, tough areas that we just can’t easily reach. They help us reach hard-to-reach spots, between crevices and even on the steering wheel. You will be shocked to see just how much grime and dust comes out!Q Tip To The Rescue

Q Tip To The Rescue

54. Squeegee

If you’re a pet owner, then this one is surely for you. We know how difficult it can be getting rid of your pet’s hair, and it can even be time-consuming and frustrating. Worry no more! Save yourself tons of time and money by simply purchasing a squeegee. Even we were surprised by it’s effectiveness. All you need to do is spray water on the seats, then simply use the squeegee over and over until all the hair is successfully scraped off of the seat.Rubber Squeegee


55. Baby Wipes

We can guarantee that if you’re a parent, you will already be well aware of what this item is. If you haven’t heard of it however, it is simply an easy hack. All you need to do is buy some baby wipes, and keep them inside your car. They are not just useful for babies, they can rectify many bad situations. Whether that would be sweaty hands, nasty stains; they are perfect for any emergency. Trust us, give it a try.
Screenshot 1

Baby Wipes

56. Magic Eraser

For some reason unbeknownst to us, the Magic Eraser is severely underrated. We advise that you keep one nearby, it can really help you out of a pickle one day. Having been proven to be mightily effective against many issues, from stains to dirt, the magic eraser is something you need and should definitely keep inside your car. All you need to do is slightly wet the Magic Eraser, then slowly scrub on the dirt. Soon enough, your seats will look fresh as ever.Screenshot 2

Magic Eraser

57. Loose Change

Who said that you only need one option regarding loose change! Here is another one for you. Simply procure a small container, perhaps an empty chewing gum container. Not only are they great for loose change, but they are also super handy for storing little bits and bobs that would otherwise get lost in your car.28213fe7cd9acef680b500cffd19ca77

Loose Change

58. Mayonnaise Is Not Just For The Kitchen

Perhaps by now you will have heard that mayonnaise has more uses than simply serving as a fine addition to your meal. A handy use for example, would be its awesome ability to remove any tar from your car. This also works for any sap that has attached itself to your car and won’t come off. Don’t fear, however, because mayonnaise is certainly strong enough to remove the tar. It also won’t damage the wax or paintjob of your car either. An effortless hack, you should certainly give this a try. All you need to do is add a tiny amount of mayonnaise to a cloth and proceed to rub it into the affected area. Leave on for give minutes and it will work its magic. To finish, wipe the area clean with a cloth and voila, the dirt is gone.Screenshot 3

Mayonnaise Is Not Just For The Kitchen

59. Remove Acidic Battery Juice

The idea of doing a thorough cleaning of your car might sound horrid, but if you use these hacks, it will become a chore that isn’t too difficult. A tip that is mostly suited for older cars, or those with wear and tear, is one to help when a car battery begins to release acidic liquid. If this is the case, it could break down other areas of your engine too, so you shouldn’t let this issue fester. All you need is a little Coca-Cola! Ensure the engine is off and cool, then loosen the terminals and disconnect the battery. Proceed to soaking the corroded areas in soda. It works magic.
Remove Acidic Battery Juice

Remove Acidic Battery Juice

60. Adjust Your Car Mirrors Properly

This is a hack that any driver, new or old, should certainly be using. We are all aware of the ‘blind spots’, an area of road that can’t be seen through your windscreen or your rear-view or side-view mirrors. Blind spots can be quite dangerous, easily blocking another car, motorbike, cyclist or pedestrian from your view. We have a hack for you that enables you to adjust your mirrors in a way that neutralizes any and all blind spots. The trick is simply to adjust your side mirrors to a point that you can’t view your own car. Therefore your view of the sides overlaps with the image in your rearview mirror. This will result in eliminating all blind spots from your point of view.27094 B1c5ed5f633640e28a39ec056f857be2 1539205579

Adjust Your Car Mirrors Properly

61. Check If You Need An Oil Change

Changing your oil may seem rather tasking, but it doesn’t need to be! Checking and changing your oil has never been easier thanks to this amazing hack. Firstly, start the car and allow it to warm up for around five minutes. Then turn off the ignition and pop the hood, remove a few drops of oil. These drops will serve as the sample. The next step is to get a clean cloth and some paper towel, then simply wipe the dipstick onto it. After around 2 hours, come back and look at the paper. If you notice that the oil has become darker at the center, you have dirty oil. If the center is smooth however, it means your oil is clean. Simple, no?Checking Oil Levels

Check If You Need An Oil Change

62. Hair Conditioner Will Make Your Car Look Shiny

Do you want your car to look brand-spanking new? This is now easily achievable by taking a short visit to your bathroom. Did you know that conditioner is perfect for smoothing and silkening the paint job of your car? It certainly seems to be beneficial to more than just your hair. Just don’t forget to dilute it with water prior to use.Hair Conditioner Will Make Your Car Look Shiny

Hair Conditioner Will Make Your Car Look Shiny

63. Make A Garbage Can For The Backseat

If you drive around kids on a regular basis, you will surely know how messy the back seat of your car can get. You can easily prepare a garbage can and hang it behind the front seat. Not only is this a fantastic way of teaching your children how to dispose of their trash, but this ‘mini-basketball’ will also keep them occupied.Make A Garbage Can For The Backseat

Make A Garbage Can For The Backseat

64. A Little Olive Oil Can Go A Long Way

Do you have a dashboard that looks old? Does it show signs of wear and tear? Don’t be concerned with this, it only requires a simple fix. All you need to do is look in your kitchen cupboard. Take some olive oil and polish the dashboard with it. Just by doing this, you will give it that brand new and shiny look once again.A Little Olive Oil Can Go A Long Way

A Little Olive Oil Can Go A Long Way

65. Icy Windshield? Maybe This Could Help

It has never been easier to remove ice from your windshield. Simply prepare a de-icer of your own by mixing 70% isopropyl alcohol with one part water and a few drops of dish soap. This easy cocktail is then sprayed on an icy windshield with an ice scraper (or even windshield wipers) and will speedily loosen the ice, ensuring that it is easy to remove.